The primary goal of a Pharmaceutical prescription is to eliminate or minimize the disease symptoms. To accomplish the goal, we can help with our flavors. The seemingly insignificant Flavors have a major role to make the overall experience of drug delivery pleasant thus ensuring higher rates of prescription compliance. We, at Kanegrade step into the patient’s psychology and strive to increase prescription compliance just by making the experience more pleasant and we provide tried, tested and established flavour combinations to enhance the overall drug ingestion pleasant. 
For instance, the major challenge faced by the pharmaceutical industry in case of pediatric formulation is to overcome the barrier in terms of ingestion of often bitter unpleasant syrups, tablets etc. Each drug delivery is considered as an accomplishment by the care taking parents and we just help you win the battle with our flavors! Similarly, humans crave for special comforting foods when troubled with specific set of symptoms like nausea during pregnancy, where we crave for lime, lemon, cola and fresh tangy flavours. During Cough, cold & flue, warming flavours like ginger, chai, Masala, spicy flavors provide a soothing effect to the patient and makes the drug delivery experience better.

Natural colors – Available in variety of shades such as Pink, green, yellow, Red

Liquid Flavors For Pediatric Syrups, Cough Syrups, Cough Drops, Oral hygiene products etc.

Encapsulated & Dry Mix Flavors For Antacids, Health supplements, Laxatives and other powdered formulations (eg. Tangy Orange, Pineapple, Banana, Rich Chocolate, Cookie & Cream, Vanilla, Papaya, Pomegranate, Vanilla Cookie, Brownie and many more)

Spray dried fruit & Vegetable powders For Health supplements



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