Flavors make Nutraceuticals more palatable that’s the simple answer… it??

Nutraceuticals are fighting an uphill battle in terms of taste, as nutraceutical ingredients are particularly challenging in their flavor profiles.

There has been a lot of progress in the nutraceuticals industry in terms of improving taste but challenges still remain. We are still grappling with finding a happy medium between flavoring and masking and concentrating on underlying factors such as mouthfeel and aroma.
The major challenge is to decide as whether to mask the bitterness completely so that they taste as good as a candy bar or a chocolate shake, or to keep some of the medicinal active ingredient taste so that consumers feel like the nutraceuticals are working!!!
Some other challenges are like the actual flavor challenge in some of the higher fortified products where the off notes of some of the vitamins, minerals or other nutraceutical ingredients really pose a flavor problem and also in the area of mouthfeel that relates to the excessive grittiness or chalkiness associated with ingredients such as calcium.

We at Kanegrade have encountered all these challenges and with our dedicated teamwork we are continuously working to come up with more solutions to these problems of the Nutraceutical industry.
We have created few exciting, and unique flavor combinations. For Protein and Sports drinks, we have Dessert and fantasy flavors such as birthday cake or chocolate brownie that are quite popular among the consumers. While for fruit profiles, we have a wonderful & refreshing range of exotic berries and tropical flavors. Some of the exotic flavors are not only to offer a refreshing experience, but also to add value. Some examples are flavors such as ginger, turmeric, chili, cinnamon, and garlic extracts.

Great Range of Natural colors (powder form)
Encapsulated Flavors and Flavor powders (eg. Banana, Rich Chocolate, Cookie & Cream, Vanilla, Papaya, Pomegranate, Vanilla Cookie, Brownie and many more)
Spray dried Fruits & Vegetable powders (eg. Strawberry powder, Papaya powder, Orange powder, Lemon powder etc)
Bittermasks for BCAA



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