KANEGRADE is a leading supplier of ingredients to many of the World’s best food manufacturers. We pride ourselves on comprehensive technical product information, complete with the backing of full quality assurance. We have a wide range of ingredients like; Fruit & Vegetable powders, Dried Herbs, Dairy powders etc.


Kanegrade is a major supplier of fruit & vegetable powders to bring colour, flavour, proper mouth feel and nutrition to food and health supplements for a wide variety of health and wellness products.These versatile and natural ingredients have a wide spectrum of applications including:
Dry mixes; Confectionery fillings; Biscuit fillings; Sauces; Desserts; Yoghurt drinks; Milkshakes; Giving body to Powdered Beverages; Compression tablets; Chewy tablets; Baby food;  Functional foods and many more.


We supply a large range of dairy powders which are mainly derived from milk. Dairy powders include cheese, cream, butter, yoghurt and other dairy related products. Our ingredients include everything from mild to extra strengths powders, allowing you to tailor your products as per customers taste. These powders have such an authentic and rich taste with all benefits of powdered products- such as longer shelf life and easy storage.
They are suitable for many applications including: desserts, sauces, dips, coatings, biscuits, cakes, yoghurt, seasonings, snack flavours and biscuit fillings.


Herbs have been used to season the food for thousands of years. These parts of plants were discovered by early man to enhance food by imparting often complex, natural aromatic compounds to meal. Herbs can be used fresh such as in the case of mint leaves, but often dried herbs are used as these are more concentrated in flavour, easier to store and easier to use. The drying of herbs is often done simply by leaving them in the sun, but they can be rapidly dried using hot air. 
They are suitable for many applications including: Snacks, Ready to eat products, premixes, Seasonings etc.


We also have many other spray dried products like honey powder, coconut water powder, tamarind powder etc.



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