Kanegrade is a major supplier of flavours to food and beverage manufacturers, and our clients include bakery, confectionery, dairy & ice cream, Nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, soft drinks , alcoholic beverages, savoury products and many other industry sectors. We believe that going the extra mile is what it takes to ensure that each and every client is completely satisfied with the products we supply, and feel well looked after throughout their experience with us.
We have an extensive range of natural and nature identical flavours which are available in both liquid, powder & encapsulated forms. Our qualified flavorists are continuously developing exciting new flavours and new combination flavors as per global market trends.


Kanegrade supplies every conceivable soft drink and flavoured water flavour. We have carefully developed all the flavors, as well as their variations which have a different top note, or something that is slightly more citrus, spicy or creamy. We provide an extensive selection of soft drink flavours to help you to come up with the most refreshing and exotic drinks flavours possible.


Our bakery flavours are used for a wide range of applications within the bakery industry, including biscuits, bread, cakes, cookies and much more. These flavours need to be able to withstand high temperatures and stresses. We thoroughly test all of our bakery flavours to ensure that they are going to remain stable in these rigorous environments. We are dedicated and passionate about helping development teams produce world-class food. To achieve this, we combine our diverse range of flavours specifically suited to bakery products and supply these while maintaining a customer-focused mindset and offering technical assistance.


The confectionery market has a huge stake in the food industry with its extensive selection of sweets and chocolates. In order for the flavours of these sweets and chocolates to be well-liked and marketable they need to be made from the best ingredients. Here at Kanegrade we supply an incredibly extensive range of confectionery flavours for you to choose. Our sweet flavorings vary from traditional fruit and mint flavours, to a selection of more diverse and specialised flavours so you can create the perfect piece of confectionery. We understand that international markets can be demanding so we can offer you compliant solutions in terms of flavours.


The ice cream industry is notable for the diverse range of flavours that are available from traditional to exotic, and it is essential that the manufacturers have access to the finest range of ice cream flavouring possible – which is where Kanegrade comes in.
We have a huge selection of ice cream flavours, all of which are designed to complement all dairy applications. We have established ourselves as one of the world’s leading providers of ice cream flavouring, supplying the very best ingredients.


For over 35 years we have immersed in the food industry and our passion for food and knowledge has come from our experience. We are constantly monitoring industry trends, to bring the best products for our clients. There is a wide range of flavours and ingredients used to manufacture savoury products. Our range has been specially developed and all flavours are suitable for finished products such as ready meals, pies, soups and snacks.


Kanegrade have an extensive range of natural and nature identical flavours for pharmaceutical products and our qualified flavorists are continuously developing exciting new flavours. These flavorings have a non-interfering formula with exceptional performance in pharmaceutical products. We at Kanegrade, step into the patient’s psychology and strive to increase prescription compliance just by making the experience more pleasant by providing tried, tested and established flavour combinations to enhance the overall drug ingestion pleasant.



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