For over 30 years we have immersed in the food industry and our passion for food and knowledge has come from experience. We are constantly monitoring industry trends, to bring the best products for our clients.          

From aromatic flavor powders to vegetable powders, from dried herbs to seasoning blends like Jalapeno Seasoning, Spices like Paprika and dairy powders……we add the finest quality and taste to whatever culinary creation you can image!                                            

Talking about snacks and seasoning , the impact that Millennial have had on the snack food industry, from healthier snacking options to more unique flavors, Millennial have been changing the way we look at snacks. They’ve been driving growth in ethnic flavors and regionally inspired flavors. A plain smoke isn’t necessarily going to cut it with Millennial; they’ll be more interested in apple wood smoke, beech wood smoke, or oak wood smoke type flavors.

Not surprisingly, flavor is one of the top factors that everyone is looking for when choosing a snack. Ever felt surprised by the number of flavors in the potato chip aisle at the grocery stores? That’s partially due to trending exciting and unique flavors like Dahi Papdi Chaat, Green Chutney, Smoky Tikka Flavor, Cheddar Cheese, Roasted garlic etc. Customers want healthy snacking options, but at the same time they also want them to be yummy & tasty. Now is the time to get creative and try new flavor combinations.

Unique seasonings with robust flavors are key to completing your product profile. Our wide range of ingredients like Dairy Powders, Vegetable Powders, Herbs, Natural colours etc will help ensure your customer’s flavor experience is consistently exceeded.

Encapsulated Flavors and Flavor powders for making seasonings like Jalapeno, Tandoori, Roasted Garlic, Roasted Red Pepper, Chipotle Citrus, Garlic Chive, Greek Yoghurt, Dijon Mustard and many more.

Spray dried Dairy Powders like cheese powder, butter powder, yoghurt powder etc.

Variety of Smoke flavors like Beech Wood smoke, Apple wood smoke, Oak chip smoke, Traditional smoke etc.

Dried Herbs like parsley, chives, oregano, lemongrass, basil etc

Spray dried Fruits & Vegetable powders (eg. Lemon powder, Strawberry powder, Papaya powder, Orange powder, Mustard Powder, Paprika Powder etc).



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