In the bakery market, across the globe, demand of authenticity and convenience is increasing day by day. To meet consumer expectations manufacturers are coming up with innovative products. As there are a number of challenges in the bakery industry, like retaining the flavor and taste in the high temperature processing, maintaining the authenticity is not an easy job.
With our 30 years of experience in the industry, we are familiar with all the challenges that manufacturers face. We can help you improve the performance of your product and will help you create unique products.
Kanegrade specialises in bakery flavors.  With top notes of cheese, butter, cream and sweet notes of chocolate, vanilla and interesting flavor profiles like forest berry, wild berry, summer berries, we have a vast range for you to chose from and create innovative products.
These flavors are available in various formats to meet a wide range of applications.

Bright & stable Natural colors for bakery products.
Vast range of Bake stable flavors from classic to ethnic and many more.
Dried fruit pieces like cranberry pieces, blueberry pieces, Blackcurrants etc.
Spray Dried, Fruit powders, Yogurt Powder, Cheese Powder etc.



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